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About us

Juvertus Small Partnership is a quality translation agency in Klaipėda. Our team of professional translators is
ready to provide you with high quality translation services. We work with businesses as well as with private
Our agency can offer combinations of translations from various languages – not only into or from
Lithuanian, but also other combinations. Our team consists of translators with many years of experience and
native speakers, ensuring that our translation services are always of the highest quality.
Translations can be completed very quickly – we work on weekends and public holidays, so if you need an
urgent translation, you can relax while we get the job done. We always meet our deadlines and provide our
clients with translations of the highest quality. We make every effort to ensure that our translations are not
only technically accurate, but that they also reflect the specific wording of the document, taking into account
linguistic and cultural aspects.
Are you organising an international event, important negotiations with business partners, a wedding or other
celebration and need professional interpreting? Contact us and we will be your partner in the fulfilment of
your needs and expectations. We can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, depending on your
needs and the nature of the event.
Our team of professional translators is also available to assist specialists in specific fields. Our translation
agency in Klaipėda can offer the following:
 Medical translations of all types (translations of equipment manuals, medical records, medical
certificates, vaccination certificates and translations of other documents)
 Translations of financial documentation (translations of reports, balance sheets, bank statements,
audit documents, estimates and translations of other documents)
 Translations of legal documents (certificates of incorporation, extracts from the Centre of Registers,
articles of associations, contracts, commercial proposals, protocols, passports, identity cards, driving
licences, marriage certificates, diplomas and translations of other documents)
 Translations of technical documentation (manuals, catalogues, safety data sheets, health and safety
instructions, technical descriptions and translations of other documents)

Contact us now for more information about our services and how we can help you to meet your translation


Juvertus Small Partnership The translation agency provides services for both companies and individuals. For loyal customers, discount is applied!
We also translate standard documents:

Technical texts

We translate manuals for a wide range of appliances and equipment.

Medical texts

We translate medical certificates and records.

General texts

We translate product descriptions, media articles, websites.

Other texts

We translate legal texts, judicial decisions and various contracts.


We are always looking for reliable translators in various languages, please send your CV and prices to info@juvertus.lt


Juvertus translation agency sets prices for translation services based on the following factors:

1. Language pair;

2. The subject of the translation (general text or a specific field);

3. Translation deadlines (different coefficients apply depending on urgency):

One standard page – 1600 characters without spaces. The price of a translation is also influenced by the length of the text:

5% discount

when ordering translation of a text of 50 standard pages

7% discount

when ordering translation of a text of 100 standard pages

10% discount

when ordering translation of a text of 200 standard pages

The minimum order for translation is 1 standard page. Translation prices and deadlines are negotiated with each client according to his/her preferences and the capabilities of the translation agency. In order to receive a personalised offer, please send us an inquiry using our form!


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